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The most unique Training Academy with hands-free Options Trading Signals to build your knowledge and income!

We offer a full training and education program complete with seven detailed courses. The first, 'Introduction to Financial Markets and Trading’, is a free course to members who can then move on to our more advanced courses.

  • Basics of FX Trading
  • Trading with Technical Analysis and Risk Management
  • Advanced FX Strategies and News Trading
  • Full FX Course and Mentorship Experience
  • Full FX Course plus Exclusive Signal
  • Full FX course plus Customized Signal

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Create your Signal Forge account.

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Select the education package and/or a signal stream you would like to access.

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Configure your online academy training and/or your signal streams to suit your current knowledge base and risk & return goals.

Step 4 - Forge it!

Connect your supported broker account and activate the Forge. Continue to Forge on through the Training Academy to be a part of the graduating class!

Step 5 - Scale Up!

Add your account, signal streams, or education packages to scale up your trading career.

Step 6 - Diversify!

Integrate with provided resources and training to increase your income level and knowledge substantially!

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Our Philosophy is

to give our users all they need to create tremendous success for themselves in all fields. We have top of the line education, signals, support, and community. We look forward to working with you towards your success!

Our Results

The world's FIRST Training Academy with hands-free Options Trading Signals to build your knowledge and income online.

Signal Strean Total Signals Currency Pair Signal Length Peak
Win Rates
Anvil 1193 All 1hr. 69.34
Hammer 2931 All 2hr. 71.44
Purge 594 All End of Day 71.82
Smooth 384 All 2hr. 70.81
Rush 1103 All 5-15Min 67.41


None to get started! Our training covers all the basics of getting started with trading digital options and we provide you with the signals so you can start taking trades immediately!
To make sure you 'ease' into this, we highly recommend that you start out with a demo trading account so you are not risking real funds until you are comfortable trading!
We do not force you to work with any particular broker. You are welcome to trade the signals with any broker you are using. While we do recommend certain brokers and have even negotiated special deals for our members, you are never tied to or restricted to trade with a particular broker. We offer the Forge - an automated signal replication service which is limited to brokers that we have integrated with. This integration is based on some very important factors - primarily the track record of the broker on withdrawals and where the signals are replicated accurately with no price manipulation.
Yes, our signals may be traded at Nadex as well!
Our success rate over the past 2500+ signals is upwards of 65%. When you account for risk management and targeting options we provide, many users are able to hit win rates exceeding 70%. The Forge itself has produced a profit factor of 49.1 for 2016 January through April (that means $49.1 gained for every $1 lost).
Signal Forge has a fixed cost of $149.00 (U.S.) per month with having access to signals & training.
Digital Options trading does not influence the market prices. This type of trading occurs 'outside' of the market and the trading doesn't affect price of various assets at all. As such, this should not be a concern.
Immediately! You can access the members area, get the training, create an account to start trading pretty much right away! :)
Signal Forge offers a no questions asked 7 day refund policy on the INITIAL purchase. If you are not satisfied with the system you can request a refund on the initial purchase.

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